M42 – The Orion Nebula


Object  M42 The Orion Nebula
 Date  January 3, 2002
 Special Info  A collaborative effort between Trent Kjell, Mark Jenkins and Roland Christen
 Telescope  Astro-Physics 180mm f7 EDF/Astro-Physics FastMax 235/Astro-Physics 10″ Mak Cass
 Camera  SBIG ST-8 / SBIG CFW-8 Color Filter Wheel./SBIG ST-10 / SBIG CFW-8 Color Filter Wheel/FLI MaxCam CM10-2E w/Custom Scientific Hydrogen Alpha Filter
 Other Equipment  Optec TCF-S Digital Focuser
 Software  CCDSoftv5, Mira Pro, Maxim DL/CCD 3.04, Sigma Beta, Photoshop


mosaiclrgb5-26x40M31 The Andromeda Galaxy
September – December, 2002
A collaborative effort between Mark Jenkins, Roland Christen, and Trent Kjell

Processed with MaxIm DLM31 Core.

This is the center frame of the 9 panel mosaic above.