Chiefland Astronomy Village Star Party 2003


Aurora in Florida!


Mark standing next to FastMax 235. Ah! Shorts in November! A rare treat for us northerners!.

Trent next to his Astro-Physics 10" f9 Maksutov Cassegrain.

Mark & Trent with two large prints. The M42 was purchased at the star party. M31 prints are now available for purchase.

Mark Keitel and his VSAT. (Very Small Array of Takahashi) telescopes.

Paul Atkinson. The class clown! Paul kept us in stitches almost the entire time. My sides hurt for days afterwards. Thanks Paul!

Gain Lee. Gain flew all the way from Great Britain! He is responsible for all of these photos. Great job Gain!

Mark, FastMax and the Aurora.

Trent, MakCass and the Aurora.

The gang of the south field! A bunch of foul mouthed, cigar smokin', whiskey drinkin', quick draw astronomers invaded the Chiefland Astronomy Village last month to assualt the night sky!